Marbles Galore Launches

Welcome to the first post at! Initially I developed this site as an auction tool to more easily navigate marble auctions online. Eventually I got so excited about marbles and saw there was such a great community of collectors that I decided to expand the site and start sharing my enthusiasm for mibs.

There is a lot more to come and I will keep adding content and features. But for now, thanks for visiting and I hope you stick around and have fun.

If you are not yet a marble collector, beware: it is quite addictive and will strike you suddenly! 😉

If you want to contact me about anything related to this site please use the form on the about page.

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Marble Trivia

According to a late 19th-century American newspaper ad, you could buy a 'flint' marble for 5 cents, a glass agate for 1 cent, a dozen Chinas for 5 cents, or two-dozen 'commons' for 5 cents.