$30 Million Dollar Marbles – NOT!

No doubt this is a serious mistake, or a silly prank. Nevertheless, $29 million is by far this is the highest bid I've ever seen for marbles on eBay. Who says the economy is in a slump?

Another auction of the same item by the same seller is priced more modestly, with a current bid of $19.

2 Responses to “$30 Million Dollar Marbles – NOT!”

  1. Tome Says:

    lol, if it was a prank I bet eBay wasnt very happy when they didnt get there commision for the sale, I wonder if they paid via PayPal because they would have wanted there share also! hahaha.. also I think this one was a bit far fetched –…3A1%7C294%3A50 – I thought this marble was the most expensive I have ever seen on eBay (until now) and I dont think this marble is the real thing eigther, someone’s bid 4.5 grand for this marble that looks nothing like the one its compared too.

  2. Tome Says:

    oops! here is the full link: sorry!

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