800 Marble Lots at Morphy’s April 19-20 Auction

Sulphide Marbles from April 2013 Morphy AuctionsOnce again Morphy Auctions is auctioning off hundreds of fantastic high-end marbles. This auction takes place April 19-20, 2013 and also includes many vintage toys.

Of special note in this marble collection are 70 sulphide figure marbles, many quite rare. An original sulphide marble box set will also be up for sale. Sulphide boxes are exceedingly rare and this one is expected to fetch between $4,000-$6,000.

As I always, I highly recommend you peruse the online catalog and feast your eyes on the excellent photography of these gorgeous marbles and marble box sets.

Update: Here is a video preview of the auction lots.

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An 'oxblood' marble is any marble containing a special color of glass that is opaque brownish red and about the color of a paving brick. This color has been used since the 1850s and is highly desired by collectors.