Recent Vintage Marbles Sold on eBay

Here are a few vintage marbles that sold on eBay this past month for a pretty penny. These are some real beauties. At these prices it is no wonder that I find so much pleasure and consolation in affordable modern handmade marbles. 🙂

Four Vintage Christensen Flame Marbles

Selling Price: $643.00
Comment: We can all dream about one day finding a box of mint Christensen Agate Company flames at a garage sale, but a much quicker and more likely route to finding them is spending about $160.75 each(!). I can only guess what machine-made marbles like these were going for before the marble collecting explosion of the mid-1980s.

Onionskin Lutz (13/16")

Selling Price: $1034.00
Comment: This was a sweet vintage onionskin with lots of lutz and appeared to be in mint condition. Seller says it was never polished or buffed.

Large Onionskin (2 7/32")

Selling Price: $1725.00

Comment: This HUGE onionskin was both made in Germany and sold from Germany. Aside from a few 'fleabites' in the surface this gorgeous marble was mint. My parents would have never given me a marble this big when I was a child. Whoever owned it took very good care of it and must have kept it indoors on nice soft carpets. Boy I would love to hold that in my hand!

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