Stunning Original Box of 100 Christensen Agate Co. Marbles

Rare 100-ct Box of Christensen Agate Co. MarblesWhat does US$18,400 get you in marble collecting? Well, at this Morphy Auction in May 2008 it got someone this fantastically rare and beautiful original 100-ct box of Christensen Agate Co. marbles.

These beauties were in wet-mint condition and included some very nice flame swirls. Not to mention they're all stuffed in a full original box. I'd like to know just what the box is worth without the marbles!

It's hard to put a price on the beauty, rarity and history represented by this  set, but someone did, and I reckon over the long run it's worth much more than $184 per marble.

No doubt just the experience of opening and handling these is just about priceless for any marble collector.

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An 'oxblood' marble is any marble containing a special color of glass that is opaque brownish red and about the color of a paving brick. This color has been used since the 1850s and is highly desired by collectors.