Antique Handmade Marbles

Antique handmade marbles are works of glass art and Old World craftsmanship, highly prized by marble collectors. Most were made in Germany from the late 1840s until around about 1915, and most are the swirl variety. For this reason they are sometimes called German swirls but most collectors refer to them as ‘handmades’.

Vintage handmade marbles sizes usually range from about 1/2″ to 2″ in diameter. Bigger ones in better condition hold more value to collectors, but rarity of style and “eye appeal” are major factors in value.

It goes without saying that no toy marble collection is complete without at least one handmade. Don’t despair if you cannot find or afford a mint condition one. These antique marbles come in many sizes and all conditions, so you are sure to find a worthy one that is affordable. Popular types include onionskins, clambroths, sulphides, indians, lutz, and mica.

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