Christensen Marbles

The Christensen Agate Company was founded in 1925 in Ohio and operated until 1931. Their mix of craftsmanship, science and innovation produced vividly beautiful marbles that many collectors consider the artistic peak of machine made toy marble production. This fact, and the fact that Christensen Agate only produced marbles for a few years, makes their marbles especially rare and desirable.

Christensen Agate Company marbles, nicknamed CACs or Chrissys by collectors, are famous for their splashes of vivid, exotic colors which are strikingly modern even by today’s standards. Due to their beauty and limited production, more desirable mint condition Christensen marble styles are highly sought by collectors.

An earlier company, M.F. Christensen & Son Co., also produced marbles in Ohio, from 1904 until about 1917. They only produced a limited line of marbles, most famously the imitation onyx style. But they are credited with creating the first fully automated machine made marble process in 1902.

Besides the coveted speckled Guinea marbles, Christensen Agate made beautiful swirl marbles that sometimes ‘flame’ with vivid sharp layers. They also produced other beautiful marble styles such as the striped transparent, striped opaque, and submarine.[phpbay]”christensen agate”|CAC, , 771[/phpbay]

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