She Swallowed the Marble

It is the phrase no parent nor marble collector wants to hear: “She swallowed the marble.”

But today I heard it after one of my old marbles began an extraordinary journey today into the mouth of my daughter’s five-year-old friend. That’s right, she swallowed the marble. I was alarmed for an instant and concerned for her health, but at the same time I was desperate to know what the marble looked like.

Was it swirled, I asked?

“No,” my daughter answered. “It was clear and small and orangish.”

Phew! I knew that meant two things. First, the marble was a small puree that would easily find its way back into the world, and second, because it is just a puree I am quite content to let her keep it.

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  1. Tome Says:

    Omg, that would have scared anyone, at work here is a box with about 2-300 marbles in it which was given to me by one of the other workers (thanks Domenic) but they are just the ol cheapy’s and declined them (maybe I should have another look at the catseyes since I now have a catseye book) and they been just sitting in the office when another bloke I work with said he was going to take them home for his kids to play with, I said NO! mate, your kids are too young (1&2 years) I told him there is a good chance they would swollow some and could choke, he said no they wont, so I said just remember you been told mate, so he thought about it harder.

    I wonder what the minimum age is to let kids play with marbles (if there is one), some say 5 some say 7, makes me think. Reminds me of the animal rescue series on Fox-Tel about how a dog (i think was a rotweiler) that swollowed around 12 golf balls, and the only way the owner found out was when the dog walked around he could hear clinking sounds comming from the pouch, so he had him x-rayed and said so thats where my balls got to.

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