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JABO, Inc. is the new kid on the block who began producing industrial marbles in 1987. In 1993 they purchased Vitro Agate’s machinery and name, thereby becoming the JABO-Vitro Agate Company. Co-founder Dave McCullough, formerly of Champion Agate, produced several limited runs each year marketed as “Classics” which are unique and collectible.

Since 2008, Jabo has produced many special marble runs for collectors, typically in 3/4″ shooter size. These limited runs have fun names like JOKER, Tribute and Madyia, and most marbles contain several, often exotic colors of glass. Sometimes special glass like oxblood, aventurine or lutz is used in all or part of a run. In December 2009, Dirty Jobs aired an episode with Mike Rowe helping make a run of pretty marbles at JABO called “Eagles”.

Jabo underwent major staffing changes in 2012, putting the future of special runs in question. Since then, however, some special runs have trickled out. Whatever the future holds, there is no doubt that the best examples from Jabo’s past runs have already appreciated in value.[phpbay]jabo|vitro, , 771[/phpbay]

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Early collectors of handmade marbles snubbed machine-made marbles as 'West Virginia trash' owing to the fact that most machine-made marbles were produced in West Virginia.