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Marble Discussion Forums

Rub shoulders with fellow marble enthusiasts and the hardcore collectors. Great places to learn, discuss and even have your marbles ID’d. Online discussion forums require that you sign-up in order to participate. Once you are signed up you should always read their FAQ and “sticky” posts in their forums that describe the rules and give tips to beginners.

  • Marble Connection – Be sure to visit Steph’s study hall with its plethora of notes and images relating to all things antique marbles.
  • Jabo Land – Visit here to keep up with the latest of Jabo’s creations.

Marble Companies

There are still a few companies mass-producing toy marbles.

General Informational Sites

Marble Makers

Marble Collectors Clubs

Other Antique Toy Related Sites

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Marble Trivia

'Wet mint' describes a marble that looks as new as the day it was made, so shiny it looks wet.