Marbles Videos

This page features interesting videos related to collecting marbles as well as manufacturing them. Enjoy some amazing antique handmade marble showcases here.

Drool and delight over this magnificent antique handmade marble collection belonging to a European collector. Be sure to checkout his other videos on antiquemarble’s YouTube channel.

Here is another video from that same European collection featuring a bunch of sulphide marbles including some very rare colored glass ones, and even a painted sulphide.

Here is a huge handmade vintage onionskin marble. Due to damage, it has been ground down to be a paperweight, but the 360 degree animated view highlights the depth and beauty of this marble and its transparent base glass.

This is a nice selection of antique and handmade marbles and a good way to display them. Video quality is a bit higher on this one than some of the others.

This is from the great TV show “How It’s Made”, demonstrating how both machine made and handmade marbles are created. I the machine made section was filmed at JABO, Inc. Is that true?

Great piece on Marble King from the TV show Made in America.

Here are some more very nice higher end handmade marbles with unusual patterns and styles.

Not always in focus, this video shows some amazing contemporary handmade marbles.

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Marble Trivia

An Old World glass chemist named Arnold Fiedler is responsible for the vivid color combinations that Christensen Agate and Akro Agate marbles are famous for.