Ashes to Ashes, Marbles to Marbles

Cremation MarblesWhen a marble collector knuckles down for the last time, his family can playfully cheat death by giving their beloved a chance to play marbles for eternity. Literally. In fact they can even take a shot with him.

How? By encasing his ashes inside a glass Cremation Marble.

Cremation marbles are even more suitably ironic when one remembers that bone ash was a common ingredient in early machine made glass marbles. These seem perfectly suitable to marble collectors, and a little creepy to anyone else.

I consider the notion of spending the next few generations sitting among a nice collection of marbles to be great fun. I can picture a new collector picking me up, wondering what type of marble I am. The veteran collectors around him would try to keep from laughing, and when he asked them what company and style I was, they would say things like:

“That’s a late contemporary, a one of a kind.”

“That’s a melted pontil ghost core.”

“That’s a clearie with an unusual bit of furnace debris.”

“That’s an Akro Agate Bob.”

“Actually, that is Bob.”

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  1. Marjorie Petzold Says:

    I Have Cancer and would like to pre arrange some Marbles as keepsakes. I will be neededing one large. I was a florist for years so would like something in a flower inside, very natural, love green nature, then very fairyish, wispy. 1 smaller, deep blue, aurorish, cluster of crystal at base. 1 bubbly with hints of red, 1 fairish with green in it 1 with caribean blue and twinkles.

    After my husband passes I woud like a large one with both our ashes. A garden look, natural colors, really all colors, purples, greens, yellows all. 1 smaller, deep blue,,aurourish, clusters of crystals at base, 1 bubbly with hints of red, 1 fairyish with hints of green, 1 caribean blue, ocean look and twinkles

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