Bennington Marbles in Original Box

This was something I had not seen before: an original box of Bennington stoneware marbles from Germany. As a rule, vintage marbles in their original boxes are highly prized, though these humble Benningtons in their even more humble box won’t bring the big prices boxed glass marbles do.

3 Responses to “Bennington Marbles in Original Box”

  1. Max Ferre Says:

    I have 2 boxes of these and one box of swirls ( 100 of same cane) I also was wondering if there was much value to them. I bought the box of German Swirls for $400.00 10 the 1970’s.

  2. admin Says:

    I expect a box like this these days full of brown or blue benningtons might go for $100, more if they are fancy benningtons. The swirls may go for much more depending upon style, size and condition. It’s hard to predict. Someone very active in higher end marble auctions like Bob Block over at would have a good idea.

  3. :flag_pink: Pls help ID these Marbles Says:

    […] happen when they touch a fellow passenger in the kiln. They come in several colors. Marbles Galore Reply With […]

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