Boys Arrested for Playing Marbles (NY Times, 1894)

Here’s a fun bit of history from the criminal side of marbles as printed in the New York Times, November 20th, 1894. Some boys were arrested by “a dealer in toys and notions” for playing marbles on a Sunday.

Original story (in PDF format).

My favorite line has to be toward the end, where it reads:

When the lads were brought before Justice Hogan, who has boys of his own and is still something of a boy himself, they were at once discharged. “The lads have got to play some time, you know,” he said.

That to me describes the essence of most marble collectors. I am still something of a boy myself.

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  1. Tome Says:

    Marbles is the only thing that takes my memory back to my childhood days, especially when I hold about half a dozen marbles in one hand and make them rattle, theres nothing in this world like that sound.

  2. admin Says:

    Ah yes, the rattle in the hand (or in the sock, which is what I carried mine in) and of course the feel of the shooter against the thumbnail and that eternal “click” when you get a hit.

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