Cherry Wood Chinese Checkers Boards Made in USA

Cherry Wood Chinese Checkers Board from Maple LandmarkI have finally found a source for affordable, high quality wooden Chinese checkers boards to display my marbles on. They are made of cherry wood in Vermont by Maple Landmark, Inc.

They make two different boards. The two-person board, pictured on the right holding some of my Peltier marbles, has 81 holes and is 12″ long by 7 ½ wide and ¾ deep. It weighs 1 lb 1oz and comes with 20 marbles.

Standard Chinese Checkers boardTheir standard board (left) has 121 holes and is 11.5″ wide and ¾” deep. It weighs 2 lbs 3 oz and comes with 60 marbles.

The finish, while not as dark as I would prefer, is smooth and natural. The lacquer allows the seated marbles to spin easily so you can show their best face.

The spacing and depth of the holes are are designed for 5/8″ marbles. You might squeeze a couple of larger ones in but even the 5/8″ ones can be a bit tricky to pick out. Be careful to avoid bumps when moving them on the board!

I bought the two-person board for only $19 + S&H from Green Goods, which has the lowest price I could find. They also sell the larger standard board for just $28 + S&H.

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