Finding Marbles Online at Goodwill

Everyone knows about Goodwill stores, but not everyone knows they have an online store auction site called There you will find auctions of the trash and treasures that people drop off at Goodwill stores, including marbles. In fact there always seems to be several lots of marbles up for auction.

Part of the fun with the Goodwill auctions is that the photos are usually blurry and the descriptions are short or non-existent. What you do get to know is the location of the Goodwill store hosting the auction, and if you collect marbles you know certain states were more famous for marbles than others (hint, hint).  Otherwise shopgoodwill functions very similar to eBay. You will find bidding competition, but not nearly as much.

Most auctions seem to last 7 to 10 days, so check in at least once a week. When you find one that looks interesting, squint real hard at the photos and go ahead and bid what you think the contents might be worth.

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