First for Keeps!

Playing MarbleOnce again I present a terrific blast of marble nostalgia from the past, thanks to Google’s amazing book archive.

This time it’s the entire chapter one from The Outdoor Handy Book, by D.C.Beard, published in 1907. Learn all about marbles and marble playing as it was in America a few years before Akro Agate and the other major marble companies were in business.

Here is a delightful paragraph from the introduction:

How my knuckles used to smart where the cold wind had chapped them and “knuckling down” had ground the mud into the raw places. But, pshaw! What did I care for raw knuckles, as with a pocketful of assorted varieties of marbles I watched eagerly for a playmate, and as soon as one appeared, shouted, “First for keeps!”

Here’s the link to the full text, starting at Chapter 1: The Outdoor Handy Book

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An Old World glass chemist named Arnold Fiedler is responsible for the vivid color combinations that Christensen Agate and Akro Agate marbles are famous for.