Handmade Marble Masterpiece by Mike Gong

Handmade Marble by Mike GongJust when I don’t think my jaw can drop any farther, Mike Gong of Gong Glass does it again with this dizzying, dazzling, HUGE 2.5″ masterpiece handmade marble he calls Windowpane Observatory. Bids start at $500 so I won’t get a chance to hold and marvel at this beauty. But quite often Mike offers more affordable marble works of art in his eBay store, from which he sells his marbles exclusively.

Can you imagine holding and turning this in the sunlight? This marble seems to have fallen from another planet or from the land of the Elves.

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Marble Trivia

All marbles are spherical, but not all spheres are marbles. A good definition for a marble is any sphere less than about three inches wide originally sold as a toy marble.