Hooper Minis

There is a magician of marble-making living in North Carolina named J.R. Hooper. When I saw he had more of his handmade glass marbles on eBay I could not resist, even though I already own about 30 of them.

If you didn’t know already from one of my earlier posts, his marbles are quite special. As you can see they are of course handmade and loosely follow the designs and colors from both classic handmade and machine made marbles.

They are also incredibly affordable. Believe it or not I scored about 70 of these recently for $20. That’s right, that is not a typo — around 70 beautiful handmade glass marbles for $20!

I should show you the only ‘catch’ to this deal, but really it is what makes them so special in the first place.

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  1. Kata Tonic Says:

    Thank you. just beautiful. gonna start making marbles very soon. also interested in stained glass

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Early collectors of handmade marbles snubbed machine-made marbles as 'West Virginia trash' owing to the fact that most machine-made marbles were produced in West Virginia.