Huge Green Mist Lutz Marble

This antique green mist lutz marble from the late 1800’s is a site to behold. Not only is it an extremely rare style, but also it measures an astounding 2-1/8″ in diameter and looks to be in superb condition.

It turns out this marble also has a great story attached to it. In fact, the marble and its story are any marble collector’s dream.

One day a European marble collector met a lady at an antique fair selling marbles at her stand. This veteran collector, who already had an impressive collection, eagerly bought up all of her marbles.

The lady remarked that she had a very special marble she kept at home that once belonged to her grandfather. She was not willing to sell it, though she did describe it.

Upon hearing the marble’s description the collector nearly fainted. He knew it was special and he simply had to see it. Somehow he persuaded her to let him see it, and a few days later he visited her.

She kept the marble wrapped in a piece of silk cloth and tucked safely in a drawer. When she handed him the marble he could not believe his eyes. It was huge and absolutely packed with lutz, by far better than any other marble in his collection.

As he admired the marble, the lady suddenly said, “You can have it. It’s yours!”

She told him he looked like he was falling in love as held the marble. She knew that he would cherish it forever. Her precious marble would be in good hands, rather than just hiding in a drawer.

Now thanks to this video made by that collector we can share in that story and have a glimpse of what this cherished marble looks like “in hand”:

You can see more videos of this collector’s impressive collection over at antiquemarble’s YouTube channel.

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