Incredible Marble Auction on December 3rd

Some amazing marbles from the collection of Paul Baumann will be auctioned December 3rd, 2011 by Morphy Auctions. Paul Baumann began collecting marbles in 1952 and wrote one of the first marble collecting books, Collecting Antique Marbles, in 1970. This was long before marble clubs and shows. Paul and his father (who collected marbles since the 1930s) are true pioneers offering up some incredibly rare gems among the 700+ lots in this auction.

The 2 1/4″ onionskin peacock lutz marble with mica [right] is one of the big head turners in this auction, with an estimated sale price between $10,000 – $20,000. Its wet mint condition, along with its artistic vibrancy, makes it seem almost contemporary.

Also up for auction are not one but two original Christensen Agate “World’s Best Guineas” boxes, filled to the brim and sure to fetch at least $6,000 per box. There are also several exquisite painted sulphides.

We can thank Morphy Auctions for once again posting detailed pictures of every lot in this incredible marble auction. Don’t forget that you can register and bid online. Go and feast your eyes on the online catalog of this amazing marble auction.


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'Wet mint' describes a marble that looks as new as the day it was made, so shiny it looks wet.