Jewelry Organizer for One-Inch Marbles

Perfect Tray for Storing One-Inch MarblesIn my quest to find better marble storage containers, I took a gamble and bought the Axis 3321 Stack ’em Jewelry Organizer Large Ring and Earring Tray.

At $14.99, this tray is not cheap, but it turned out to be absolutely perfect for storing and displaying those uncommon 1″ marbles. Each tray measures 16 x 9.2 x 1.4 inches and is designed to stack. The 1″ marbles sit deep enough to allow that.

Its 40 flocked compartments are soft and colored a neutral gray, an ideal backdrop for highlighting the marble colors. Thanks to the dips on the edges of the compartments, you can easily pick up the marbles for examination.

Part of their stacking design allows them to slide sideways, so they don’t lock together in that direction. I would consider that a minus in terms of stability, but on the other hand it would allow you slide one out for a peek without having to remove the ones above. The sides also have indentations to make lifting easier.

I’m quite happy with these and will buy some more, but now I will need a storage container for them.

One-inch marbles in the Axis 3321 Stack 'em jewelry tray

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