Las Vegas Marble Show 2011

The 2011 Las Vegas Marble is this weekend at the Tropicana. Saturday, November 12th is the actual show but in-room trading begins on the 9th. Details can be found at The International Association of Marble Collectors website.

You don’t want to miss this show if you’re in the area. It’s the biggest and best in this part of the country. If your significant other is not interested in marbles, there is plenty for them to do in the Tropicana while you score some great deals on some great marbles.

2 Responses to “Las Vegas Marble Show 2011”

  1. Phyllis Robb Says:

    I have an elderly friend who just found two nice sulfides in her things. How can she go about selling them?

  2. admin Says:

    eBay is your best bet unless these sulfides are particularly rare types like colored glass or painted figures. In that case you’d want a professional appraisal. To get more opinions, join a marble forum like and post good photos in the marble identification forum.

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