Marbles at Morphy Auctions

Morphy Auctions MarblesThe marbles page over at Morphy Auctions shows a large  assortment of spectacular marbles that have sold there over the years. They are sorted by price, the first being a 1-5/8″ naked corkscrew ribbon swirl that sold for $14,950 back in 2007.

When you’re done drooling over these be sure to see what’s available at their auction sale results page. Some of their full catalogs are available online to search.

From the auction sale results page, you can try to search individual catalogs but the best method is the click the View Previous Catalogs With Prices and Photos link.  From there search the keyword marbles in the top search box and you should see more than 100 results.

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  1. Lori Says:

    Are there any marble auctions coming up soon online?

  2. admin Says:

    Usually Morphy Auctions has a few marbles in every auction. I don’t see any in their current catalog but you can always check back every couple of weeks at:

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