Marbles from Cuneo Furnace, designed by Steven Maslach

Cuneo Furnace marble designed by Steven Maslach Founded in 1971 as Maslach Art Glass, today Cuneo Furnace produces elegant, handmade marbles designed by famous glass artist Steven Maslach using the classic Italian techniques of latticinio, filigrana and zanfirico. Currently you can buy about 30 patterns direct from the studio website, with each pattern available in three marble sizes: small (7/8″), medium (1 1/16″) and special large (1 3/4″) with prices starting at well under $20.

For Christmas I received this 1 1/16″ marble made by Cuneo Furnance. In a subtle way it reminds me of Spider Man’s costume, and like every good handmade marble, pictures simply don’t do justice to how the intricate patterns play in the light.

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