Marbles on Television

Marbles don’t get much TV airtime these days, but just this week The Colbert Show interviewed Beri Fox, the President of Marble King. She spoke about keeping manufacturing jobs in America.

Beri Fox was named after none other than Beri Pink, the founder of Marble King. Her brief interview was a significant piece of marble history. She said small businesses like hers cannot compete with the cheap labor of foreign manufacturers. It would not be the first time an American marble manufacturer said as much.

If you saw my Buy American Marbles post last year, I wrote how in 1913 another American marble manufacturer, M.F. Christensen Son & Co., appealed to congress to raise the tariff on German import marbles. His growing company simply could not compete with the cheap, low-skilled foreign labor. And so he, like Beri, appealed to our government to level the playing field.

It’s not difficult to guess the outcome of such appeals, but on a brighter note we can take comfort in knowing there are still enough classic American marbles left in circulation to make for great marble shows. Here is a fun WAND-TV spot on the recent Decatur marble show in Illinois to remind us how great this hobby is.

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