Master Marble Sunbursts in Summer

As we approach summer’s end, I can think of no marbles better suited to celebrate the heat, light and playfulness of summer than these these aptly-named “sunburst” marbles from Master Marble Company.

All marbles look best in daylight, but these sunbursts in particular seem to come alive. Inside my house, sitting in a tray under a 60-watt light bulb, they look wilted. Taken outside, their colors burst alive in the rays of the sun.

I like to imagine that these beauties survived unblemished for 70+ years because whenever someone took them outside for a game, they saw how beautiful they were and preferred to admire their beauty rather than risk chipping or losing them in the dusty marble ring.

When I finished taking pictures of these and picked them up, I was shocked at how hot they had become in the sun. Considering their molten origins, their name, and their radiance in the heat and light of the sun, I have decided that, for me anyway, the Master Marble sunburst is the official marble of summer.


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