Mint Peltier Golden Rebel Marble

Mint Peltier NLR Golden RebelIn the 1920s – 1930s the Peltier Glass Co. made their “National Line Rainbo” marbles, which happen to be one of my favorite machine made marble styles. Richly colored and interesting, these marbles were made in a series of easily identifiable styles for which collectors have since given nicknames.

One style they produced in very limited numbers is nicknamed the “Golden Rebel.” These marbles are easily identified by their yellow base glass and red and black ribbons, with the black ribbons usually flecked with shimmering aventurine.

When a Golden Rebel marble shows up both in mint condition and the rare 3/4″ shooter size, eyes bulge and wallets empty.

Here is your chance to own one. Bidding has already reached US$760 and there are three days remaining. Final bid was US$960 dollars!

3 Responses to “Mint Peltier Golden Rebel Marble”

  1. austin p Says:

    i wish i had that

  2. URNUTS Says:

    $960 dollars, you’ve lost your marbles, you marble people are nuts, it’ colored glass get a grip!

  3. admin Says:

    Ha! This is like saying a Rembrandt is merely “oil paints and canvas.” You’re right, though, it is colored glass–gorgeously colored and rare and full of history and fun and so many other things. We can’t get enough of these. I’m with you, though, I wish they were cheaper. 😉

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