New Marbles Gallery on MarblesGalore!

Marble Gallery LaunchedThe new vintage marbles photo gallery is now live on MarblesGalore, thanks of course to marblealan, whose amazing images you may already recognize from his seemingly endless high-quality eBay auctions. He generously gave permission for me to use his auction images. I only wish I had a full catalog of images from his 19,000+ marble auctions!

This gallery is of course a work in progress. There are some gaps and there may be some mistakes, which would be entirely my fault, although I have tried to carefully sort the images into their proper categories. The file names are sometimes quite lacking, and I simply did not have the time or the ability to include details such as size and condition. But expect it to improve as it grows. If you see something blatantly wrong, or have suggestions on how to improve anything, please let me know via my about form.

I am looking for other contributors to this gallery who can provide high-quality marble images, particularly of styles and makers that I am lacking in.

Until then, enjoy these beautiful images and keep the marbles rolling…

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Most collectors call marbles 'mibs' after the Latin word for marbles.