October 20th Marble Auction from Morphy Auctions

Pink Opaque Lutz - Morphy AuctionsOn October 20th, 2012, Morphy Auctions will be selling off 711 lots of vintage marbles, including some truly speculator and unique examples. Register now so you can bid online. As always, I recommend everyone interested in marbles order their printed catalog. It makes for wonderful coffee table marble eye-candy and is a limited edition. In the meantime, check out their October 20th marble auction catalog.

With so many incredible lots in this auction one cannot understate just how many delicious marbles there are. For starters there are well over 100 high-end Christensen Agate marbles, and rumor has it many have been undervalued in the auction estimates. For pure eye appeal I am liking this colorful striped opaque but without a doubt the real heavy hitters are the so-called “Lunch Box” marbles like this black opaque guinea which is a unique example a factory worker brought home in his lunch box.

There are also a number of vividly colored hand made marbles rich in deep cranberry or rarely seen pink, like this gorgeous pink opaque lutz that is expected to bring up to US$6,000.

Update: Wow, check out the prices realized for this amazing auction. More than $374,000 and the pink opaque lutz climbed to $25,000 after a bidding war broke out.

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