Pictures of a Huge Marble Auction

Big Pile of Vintage Handmade MarblesThere is a big marble auction set for July 18th in Ohio, featuring marbles from “The George Carter Collection”. It’s quite an impressive lot, especially considering it’s just the first of several auctions from the collection.

They have a very nice photo gallery of the marbles up for auction. I can’t recall ever having seen so many antique hand-made marbles literally piled on top of each other. I hope somebody did that very carefully and didn’t just dump them out for the photo!

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  1. Phyllis Says:

    I am interested in having my Antique Marble Collection collection appraised and auctioned. There are 2,710 pre-1940 marbles — 240 ceramic, 85 latticinios, 4 sulphides, as well as rainbows, semiprecious, benningtons, jaspers, cores, colored glass, lutz, micas, melonballs and agate slags/swirls, corkscrews, oxbloods, opaques — and so on.

    can you advise me.

    Thank you

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Phyllis, it boils down to what condition they’re in and then how much time do you want to spend selling them. If many of them are in mint or near mint, you could make more selling them one at a time through someone like marblealan on eBay, but he is very busy and has a back log of a couple of months. Still, when you have hundreds of potential buyers looking at one spectacular marble for a week on eBay, you’re likely to make more than if it was in a big auction where only a dozen or so buyers were present. You could also approach an auction house but obviously you’re going to pay a commission and you want to be sure to get a lot of publicity so as to bring higher bids. That would be the easiest (quickest) route. In your case I would highly recommend you sign up at and ask opinions in their General forum. The best and brightest of the marble experts are there.

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