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The next best thing to owning a rare and beautiful marble is seeing a large, clear photo of it. For many of us it’s the closest we will get to the really expensive and rare marbles.

So without further ado, here are the best galleries of marbles I have found on the Internet. Be warned that some of these pages have dozens of large images on them that may slow down your system. But they are worth the wait!

  • marble id page – I’ve featured one of the photos from this page because these are the most colorful and mouth-watering marble collection group photos I have seen. I only wish they were larger and accompanied by detailed information.
  • Block’s Marble Auctions #1100, #1099, #1098 – These are past auction catalogs from the largest and oldest marble auctioneers in the world (Bob Block has written marble books and articles). Not only do you get large, clear photos of many rare and beautiful marbles, but also very detailed descriptions. Be sure to check out their many eBay auctions.
  • Marquee Marble Auctions gallery pages – Another gallery of auction lots chock full of big beautiful pictures and very informative descriptions, broken up into seven pages: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
  • Bill Tow’s Marblearium – Bill Tow’s marble photography is as good as it gets. His message board on includes some amazing examples of his work. Check out these slags, as well as these, and these bluesngreenz, and how about these corks. Wow. That is how marbles should be photographed! Here is another gallery of his on a different site.
  • grandpamarble’s marbles – Excellent detail and descriptions on this marble sale site. Once again, not just eye candy but education too. (This site did not work well in my FireFox browser. It looked fine in Internet Explorer).

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Some marbles flouresce under black light due to uranium. Marble collectors call these 'flourescents'.