Stunning Marble Auction from Morphy Auctions

Rare birdcage marbleMorphy Auctions offers yet another stunning collection of marbles up for auction. This auction consists of more than 700 lots, heavily weighted on exceptional and rare vintage handmade marbles. There are also a number of rare and exotic Christensen Agate machine made marbles in this auction.

You need not be there in Pennsylvania on May 26th to bid in this auction. Morphy Auctions offers online bidding, and the exceptional photos of each lot means you can bid in confidence.

Even if you are not bidding, take the opportunity to peruse this fantastic collection of marbles. Once these enter the hands of private collectors, chances are you won’t be seeing them ever again.

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Marbles made of semi-precious stone were found in an Egyptian child's tomb dating back to 3000 B.C.