The 2012 Orange County Marble Show is Coming March 17th

Southern California is known for its beaches and fair weather, not its marbles or its marble shows, except just once a year when The Orange County Marble Show happens.

Coming March 17th, the 2012 Orange County Marble show is free this year. That’s right, FREE admission and FREE parking. That means more money to spend on those precious glass globes we call marbles.

It will be held 9AM – 4 PM on Saturday, March 17th at the Howard Johnson Hotel on 222 W. Houston Ave, Fullerton CA, 92832. For room reservations, call 714-992-1700.

Bring friends and family. There won’t just be old playing marbles. There will be fantastic contemporary hand made marbles and glass art for sale, which make lovely and unique gifts.

Believe me when I say you have not properly used your eyes in this world until they have feasted on the assortment of vintage and contemporary marble masterpieces you will see at a show like this. And this show is the only one in our area, so don’t miss this opportunity.

For more information, contact Rich Shelby of Santa’s Bling at [email protected] or 951-212-4435.

Also, if you have some old marbles you’d like to learn more about or have appraised, bring them to the show.

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  1. Tammy Says:

    I have been trying to find the names of marbles that I own, and have found. One of them looks close to the image in your county of orange California sign. Do you possible know the name of it.

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