The 2013 Orange County Marble Show is Coming March 16th

2013 Orange County Marble ShowThe Orange County Marble Show is right around the corner. There will be upwards of 43 vendor tables manned by vintage and contemporary marble dealers, as well as talented glass artists selling their own creations. Expect to see many stunning and rare marbles.

This is California’s only annual marble show, so don’t miss this chance to see and purchase some amazing marbles.

This year’s show is from 9AM to 3 PM on Saturday, March 16th, at the Howard Johnson Hotel on 222 W. Houston Ave. in Fullerton. Parking and admission is free!

For room reservations, call (714) 992-1700.

For further information, contact Rich Shelby @ [email protected] or by phone at 951 212 4435.

Don’t forget that for two days before the official show, most dealers open their hotel rooms for trading and socializing during the evening hours. This is the best time to learn about marbles and casually socialize with fellow collectors. If for some reason you can’t make Saturday’s show, consider coming down for room trading on Thursday or Friday night.

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