Tis the Season for Marbles

Toy marbles have been given at Christmas for generations. They make great stocking stuffers and would make a special gift for the child or grandchild who might not have had a chance to appreciate the beauty and fun of glass marbles.

Few toy stores carry good marbles anymore so you’ll have to either use eBay to scout out some lots of marbles or head over to Land of Marbles and pick up some color Mega Marble Nets or a large lot of colorful Marble Assortments.

Santa probably won’t be getting me any marbles for Christmas. Not because I’ve been bad, but because I’m being good and trying to save up for when the next marble show comes to town.

It sure hasn’t been easy.

Maybe I can buy my daughter a big mixed lot of marbles. I’ll just pick out the vintage marbles to take care of them until she’s old enough to appreciate antiques…

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Pink is a color rarely found in vintage marbles, probably because gold was required in recipes for pink glass.