Ultra Rare Marble – Single Gather Confetti Mica

Ultra rare single gather confetti mica marbleMay must be the month for rare marbles! When I wrote previously about that lot of rarest handmade marbles that eventually sold for US$13,000, I said you likely wouldn’t see anything like them soon. Well, I was wrong.

This time it’s a 1-19/32″ single gather confetti mica marble being sold by none other than legendary mibologist marblealan. When Alan says a marble is rare, it is rare, no further discussion. But when he goes on to say the following, you can be sure you may never see a marble like this again:

Folks who follow my auctions know I am not one for hyperbole, but I can safely and confidently say that this is the rarest marble I have ever offered, possibly a truly unique example. It looks great in the photos but having it in hand is a mind-blowing experience!

This truly remarkable marble was made sometime between 1850-1870. All those flecks of color look like paint but they are in fact glass. I’m sure the mica really dances too for the person rich enough to hold it in hand.

That person won’t be me, but thanks again to Alan’s marvelous pictures and descriptions I have the next best experience to actually possessing this marble.

Update: The winning bid on this marble was US$10,999!

Update 08-2012: Several readers have contacted me since I first posted this amazing marble, claiming themselves to have a marble exactly like this. This enthusiastic mistake comes thanks to a contemporary toy marble style made by Mega Marbles (Vacor de Mexico) called the Galaxy, which they still make and sell. Some Galaxy marbles do in fact have speckled color patterns very similar to this and were also made in 1.5″ size.  If you are one of those people now trembling with excitement from thinking you may have a $10,000 marble, keep in mind this marble I featured here has a completely smooth glass surface with the speckles under the surface, unlike the Galaxy which has speckles on the surface. It would also have one pontil on it where the original glass worker cut the glass. In other words, the only person who has a marble just like this–especially in this condition–is likely the person who paid $10,999 for it. Nevertheless, Galaxy marbles are one of my favorite styles made by Vacor De Mexico and a worthy “place holder” until I can find one of these ultra rare ones. 😉

19 Responses to “Ultra Rare Marble – Single Gather Confetti Mica”

  1. tina Says:

    Hi I have marbles my mother collected 4 years. I know nothing about them but I am trying to learn . its not easy. I have some big marbles look like this one. I would like to send you some pics

  2. michele Says:

    I too have agathering of marbles that look like these.ill send photos after i go to my storage an retreive them.a bunch of little ones an a big one.i wonder if someone would pay me even a hundred bucks heck id be thrilled,maybe id be able to take of my diabetes finally to get a start on my medical needs.

  3. admin Says:

    Hi Michele, it’s possible but these marbles are extremely rare – like they almost never come up for sale. That’s not to say you stumbled upon a cache of them. That’s the fun part of this hobby. There are a lot of marbles out there in stashed away in boxes, some perhaps never played with.

  4. michele Says:

    Thank you admin i’ve been waitin 4 an answer of that sort and your right it is exiting an thats y with the economy as bad as it is to find people will spend money on such a useless that i still havent witnessed a fact i dont believe it.i have lots ive carefully hand picked high an low,… someone rescue me of them please im broke but have lots of fantastic marbles anyone would adore for sure.

  5. Alex Says:

    Hello, michele I would be interested in taking a look at you marbles and would possibly be interested in buying them depending on what they are. You can contact my at [email protected]

  6. Jason t diamond Says:

    Hey i have a decent collection of marbles that me and my grandmother started whe i was younger. I have a couple with animals inside a couple that look like this picture and also a coca cola and daffy duck marble. i can take some pictures. contact my email at [email protected] thanks

  7. Christina Says:

    Hi there, I have come across what I think are two of these confetti mica marbles! I bought an aquarium at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago and they were in it with other smaller marbles. One is in really good condition the other has a piece broken off the bottom of it. I can send you photos of them if you would like to help me identify these two marbles.
    I know absolutely nothing about marbles other them I think they are very pretty! lol
    Thanks, Christina

  8. tami foshee Says:

    i believe i have 3 of these marbles one is BIG and two regular size email me and ill send a picture of them

  9. tami foshee Says:

    i wish someone would answer me on the marbles i have . i would love to know if my marble is in comparrision to the rare one on this web page thanks

  10. LAURA Says:

    I bought a jar full of old marbles off a man who was 65 yrs old. I have big boulder black solid ones, white ones, smaller white & smaller black and some colored ones. Also one that sticks out is a smaller black marble with confetti-like speckles throughout. It is rough and where the colors are places there is craters in the marble. No idea of age but I’d love to learn more 🙂

  11. cheryl Says:

    Hello.I have a few old marbles I would like someone to take a look at. I’m 99% sure I have one just like the one at the top I’m pretty sure I have some that are verynice marbles so if someone would be kinds enough to take a look I don’t think you would be wasteing your time.tyvm I’ll send photos

  12. Stacy Caputo Says:

    Hi there! I’ve been searching the internet for a few years now in an attempt to assist my enthusiastic husband who can’t seem to identify one of his ‘toys’…I’m a forensic researcher, so you’d think I’d have some luck, but as this is not my field, I’m at my breaking point. It’s time I stop acting like a misguided redneck and ask directions- haha! I stumbled across your blog entry some time ago and felt foolish for I too have here what appears to be a single break point ‘mica’ marble with odd features in an unusual color combination and size that regardless of how hard I search, the only one that has even come close to its appearance is one that I found in a book. However, with that said, upon further investigation, the one that appeared in the book I found, was also (as luck would have it) featured by ‘Morphy Auctions’ and likely one you had refer’d to as a ‘one of a kind’. I am by no means an expert or even a serious collector. Just assisting my husband’s quest to identify pieces of an inherited collection that he has in fact, been using mainly to trade or sell to fund his real collection! Stamps!

  13. Miles Says:

    Hi ya! I’ve got some marbles here… that when I took to a game shop, wouldn’t give me a price for them. Which tells me they are rare… or horribly common. Anyone interested in seeing them, possibly helping me out by telling me what they are, that would be great!

    [email protected]

  14. bill Says:

    i have lil jewl but im not sure wat it is if someone would so kind in tellin me wat she is ill shoot a pic someone plz help me out, ty vey much BILL. ps it looks like the one here

  15. michael mayns Says:

    I cannot believe my eyes I have this very same marble identical how do I go about selling this marble can anybody give me some kind of idea I would appreciate it

  16. admin Says:

    Did you read my update to this post where I mentioned several readers thinking they had this marble? I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but check your marble over and make there there are pontil marks on the poles, etc.

  17. Thomas Derrick Says:

    I was given my motherinlaws two quart jar of marbles after her passing. She collected them for years . I have no idea of their value or if their is any . Could i send you a pic. of them and get your opinion. Is there a fee.ect.Thanks : Hope for a reply. Tom Derrick

  18. admin Says:

    Sure, send a pic to [email protected]

  19. mattlambo Says:

    how many were made

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