When Your Seller Loses Their Marbles

When bidding on marbles on eBay, watch carefully for any changes to the auction description. Sellers can add important information that may give you a rude surprise.

Recently I won another lot of marbles, only to discover upon opening them that quite a few were missing. What’s worse, the missing ones were the most interesting ones based on the seller’s photos.

I immediately contacted the seller and realized that at some point late in the auction he updated his auction description, saying his grandson had played with and lost four or five of the marbles.

Apparently his grandson has a unique gift for choosing and losing the best and oldest looking marbles. 😉

Thankfully I got a refund. Next time I’ll remember to re-read the auction description before I increase my bid.

Update: I never got the refund. The seller actually quit eBay even though he had 500+ positive feedback since 2007. I wonder what happened? Anyway, this will be my first time using PayPal dispute resolution.

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