Master Marble Company Marbles

Another West Virginia glass company, Master Marble Company was founded in 1930 by former employees of The Akro Agate Company. Akro sued them for patent infringement but Marble Master won in federal court, and went on to produce their famous “sunburst” marbles, among others, until they closed in 1941. A Master Marble founder purchased its equipment and supplies and used them to produce similar marbles under the Master Glass Company label until 1973.

Master Marble marbles are common and limited to only a few types. There are some absolutely stunning color combinations to be found among the sunbursts in particular, but also their meteors and comets. Finding these more vivid and stunning examples is quite fun and generally a far less expensive venture. Just as with Vitro Agate Company marbles, collectors are beginning to seek out and pay more for Master Marble Company marbles, so get them while you can![phpbay]master, , 771, “”[/phpbay]

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