Modern Handmade Marbles

Contemporary glass artists are producing some absolutely stunning marbles today. Once you see them up close you may find yourself, as I have, drawn toward collecting contemporary handmade marbles.

Some are fashioned in the artist’s individual style, while others are fashioned after the antique German handmade styles like the onionskin or lutz. Some are so spectacularly wild and intricate you will wonder if they were made on this planet. In either case, what you always get with modern handmade marbles is their stunning “wet mint” condition, something few can afford in the antique handmade market. There seems to be a limitless variety of these beauties that are worthy of any display case. I consider the better ones not just art, but investments.

You can easily find some excellent handmades from budding glass artists for as low as $15. This should be an encouragement to any marble collector on a budget, as well as to anyone looking to give a beautiful, unique gift.[phpbay], , 236[/phpbay]

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Marble Trivia

100 years ago the most expensive marble was the genuine agate, or 'realer'; it took the most labor to create and also made the best shooter due to its hardness, roundness and weight.