Peltier Glass Company Marbles

The Peltier Glass Company began in 1886 by Victor Peltier under the name The Novelty Glass Company. They changed their name to the Peltier Glass Company in 1919 and began producing marbles in the 1920s through the 1970s. Peltier Glass continued to operate in Ottawa, Illinois until closing in 2010.

Peltier marbles are treasured by many marble collectors for their colorful variety and complex beauty. Their ribbons and seams are easily recognized. Their most desirable National Line Rainbo series consists of colorful styles each appropriately nicknamed after their appearance, such as Superboy, Flaming Dragon, Zebra, Golden Rebel and many more. Peltier also produced a line of comic strip logo marbles that are highly collectible. New collectors can find Peltier’s later Rainbo series marbles in rich variety at more affordable prices.[phpbay]peltier, , 771[/phpbay]

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A 'clambroth' marble is made of milk glass (hence its brothy appearance) with many thin swirl lines on the surface of various colors.