Morphy Auctions Nov. 6 Marble Auction Catalog Online

Morphy Auction of Pennsylvania recently concluded a large auction of more than 300 marble lots. The auction featured many rare marbles and marble-related items like this Akro Agate #1 Assorted Corkscrew Set show here, which was the priciest item sold at US$7,475.00.

They have posted their catalog online and I must say the photos are fantastic. There are many top-shelf rare marbles among the 300 lots and this is a great opportunity to see them up-close thanks to excellent photography.

Among the rarer marbles were several colored sulphide marbles, complete box sets, and a very rare Navarre Horizontal Swirl.

I’d have to say my favorite individual marble from this auction was the blue and oxblood ground pontil transitional marble.

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